Taqueria El Trenicito

Delicious Tacos in Springfield

The Taqueria El Trenicito taco stand is tucked away in east Springfield and worth the drive through construction and the slight bit of traffic along Franklin Boulevard. For lunch, try the pork (carnitas), chicken and fish tacos with fresh cilantro, tomatoes and creamy, spicy homemade salsa that brought out smoky meat flavors. The double corn tortillas held up after adding more of the spicy orange and green salsa and then a fresh squeezed lime wedge. You can achieve optimum fullness level after three tacos for $6.25. The service is quick and make sure this stop is on your taco list if you’re on a quest for a fresh, authentic tender taco.   

Taqueria El Trenicito is located at 1505 Main Street in Springfield. It’s open 6-10 pm Mondays and 6 am to 9:30 am and noon to 2 pm Tuesday through Sunday. For more information, find Taqueria El Trenicito on Facebook. 541-741-0478 — Corinne Boyer