The Comfort Taco

Tacovore dishes out PNW-Mex style

Tacovore’s atmosphere is like its salsa: fresh and laid back. Whether you sit on the breezy patio or at the well-stocked bar, it’s a vibrant place for a leisurely meal and a casual drink.

The menu displays a selection of 10 tacos. “The Old E” is what Americans expect of a taco: hard shell, iceberg lettuce, mild salsa. But Tacovore offers more.

The mole verde is a simple chicken taco that tastes like comfort food. Likewise, the bean and cheese taco is a familiar childhood meal revitalized for adults: tangy pickled onions layered on the typical Mexican beans and cheese.

Tacovore founder Steve Mertz says, “It’s not Tex-Mex, it’s PNW-Mex — working with what we have available.” Indeed, the menu presents an unusual variety of ingredients.

The popular carnitas combine jicama, orange and serrano peppers with smoked pulled pork.

The mushroom taco contains whole fried mushrooms, ginger and mint. (Insider tip: ask for a side of gaujillo vinaigrette with the mushroom taco; it’s delicious.) 

Mertz says he started Tacovore because “I was eating a lot of tacos, and was really smitten by it … I wanted a counter-service taqueria with quality ingredients.” 

Rather than trucking in beef from Kansas, Tacovore sources its meat from regional suppliers.

“We do not focus on using the least expensive ingredients; we use high quality ingredients in our tacos and margaritas,” Mertz says.

Nearly all menu items are gluten free. Dairy free and vegan options are available.

Tacovore prides itself on being sustainable and environmentally conscious. “We compost everything we can compost and recycle everything we can recycle,” Mertz says. “We try to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Tacovore, 530 Blair Boulevard, is open 11 am to 10 pm Sunday through Thursday and 11 am to 11 pm Friday and Saturday. For more information, see

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