It’s Voting Season Again

EW's endorsements for the Nov. 2017 election

By the EW editorial board

Eugene charter amendment: Yes

20-274 Eugene Amends Charter: Election to fill vacant Mayor or Councilor position

This amendment cleans up confusing language. Go for it. We like clarity in government.

Eugene street bond: Yes

20-275 Eugene Bonds to Fix Streets, Fund Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects

You know what voters hate? Potholes. You know what we like? Bicycles. Vote yes.

Creswell weed measure: No

20-280 Creswell Regulation and Taxation of Recreational Marijuana Businesses in Creswell

The voters in Creswell indicated last year that they didn’t want marijuana businesses in their town. They miss out on some tax benefits, but that’s a choice. The measure appears to give One Gro, the business pushing this measure, a monopoly in town. If Creswell wants to add the weed industry, it should offer a fair playing field.

School levies: Yes

20-276 Oakridge School District 76 Oakridge School District General Obligation Facilities Bond

20-279 Lowell School District 71 Authorizes General Obligation Bonds for Lowell School District

20-281 Siuslaw School District 97J Renewal of five-year local option levy for school operations

Until Oregon finally fixes its messed up tax system, local school levies will be necessary to fill in the gaps.

Fire levies: Yes

20-277 Upper McKenzie Rural Fire Protection District Local option levy for EMS and Fire operations

20-278 South Lane County Fire & Rescue Renewal of current five-year local option tax for general operations

20-282 Rainbow Water and Fire District Five-Year Fire Protection Local Option Levy

This fire season has been a sober reminder of the need for fire protection in rural areas as well as the urban-rural interface.

Springfield police & jail levy: Yes

20-273 Springfield Five-Year Levy for Springfield Jail Operations and Police Services

We’d rather see money being used to help people avoid committing crimes than for holding them in jail, but that’s also part of the Springfield PD’s job. They need the funds to do it.

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