Sports, Axemen, Measure 101 and the County Commission race

Eugene Weekly’s huge “sports department” is thrilled to see the actual huge sports department at The Register-Guard finally giving the University of Oregon women’s basketball team some love. Ranked 10th in the country, this team is so much fun to watch, both in the arena and lately on TV. The UO athletic department should build a crowd for Coach Kelly Graves and his amazing players. Think UConn.

Vote “Yes” on Measure 101 in the Jan. 23 election. We keep hammering that endorsement because turnout and support is so critical. On Dec. 17, The Oregonian in Portland editorialized for a “No” vote, of course, and that should be enough to send us down-staters back to the long list of trusted organizations that say “Yes.” For the full list, go to

• 2018 is the year of elections we must win locally and nationally. Here’s a new candidate who has already filed for Lane County commissioner from Springfield (District 2). Joe Berney, who is challenging the Republican incumbent Sid Leiken, says this district has an 11-point Democratic edge as well as many independents, so he has a good chance to win it. Check him out at

• The longtime mascot of South Eugene High School, the Axemen, has come under fire recently, and legitimately so — in this day and age, female and gender-questioning athletes should never be merely auxiliary to their male counterparts. Lady Axemen doesn’t cut it. It’s straight up discrimination. The 4J School Board needs to vote to change the mascot and decide on a path forward to choosing a new one that takes into account the wishes of SEHS students and faculty.

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