On Jan. 21, I was a spectator of the Women’s March for Action in Eugene. In principle, I sympathized with the purpose of the march.

One thing bothered me. I saw lots of “Hate Trump” and “Impeach Trump,” but I didn’t see one sign calling for prosecution of Bill Clinton! Garrison Keillor, Bill Cosby, etc., have been charged, but not Clinton. Bill has been accused of raping women, and countless accusations of sexual harassment, in the workplace and elsewhere, have been made against him.

And, in what I call despicable, he took advantage of his position to prey on an intern just a few years older than his daughter Chelsea, then left her to twist in the wind of his lies and denials while the leftist press tore her to shreds.

There is nothing manly about this, and there is nothing feminist about covering for it (which Hillary did).

It’s obvious to me that Bill’s victims have either been “bought and paid for” or given the warning, “You want to go the ‘Vince Foster’ route?”

Lon Miller


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