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• We were impressed by the turnout for the March for Our Lives — estimates of 5,000 people in Eugene alone. Last year we saw massive turnout for the Women’s March and other events. It looks like momentum for change is not letting up. Good. Vote in the upcoming May primary; vote in the November election. Marching shows politicians what you are thinking, but voting is where we get results. Those Parkland kids standing up for their right not to be shot in school may not be old enough to vote yet, but many of our readers are.

• We keep waiting for the thing that will finally take Donald Trump down. Unhinged tweeting apparently isn’t cause for impeachment. Russia-gate? Financial impropriety? Lying? We’re hoping it’s Stormy Daniels. She’s smart, ambitious, quick with the burn: Someone tweets, “Hi are you the American whore who wont keep your legs shut or your mouth,” and Daniels responds: “Yes, I am. Nice to meet ya!” In addition to her XXX film career, affair with Donald Trump, potential career as a Senate candidate and general entrepreneurial skills, Daniels competes her horses in the sport of three-day eventing, an equestrian competition that requires riders wear a protective vest and armband with medical information. She’s no shrinking violet. As her trainer Dom Schramm told The New York Times, “She takes it very personally that she does well. She can be quite hard on herself.” Full disclosure: EW Editor Camilla Mortensen also gets instruction from Schramm.

Shared social media posts from his past are casting Lane County Commission candidate James Barber as an immature frat boy. One tamer example from 2010: “Men have two emotions: Hungry and horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich.” At a March 19 candidates’ forum in Pleasant Hill, Barber admitted to but minimized the postings. “No one is immune to this stuff,” he said. “I know the environment that most men were raised in, and I’ve stepped away from that.” He is resisting calls from the College Democrats at the University of Oregon that he drop out of the hotly contested race for the East Lane seat against Heather Buch, Kevin Matthews, Frank King, Tim Laue and incumbent Gary Williams. “I will not step down,” Barber said in an emailed statement. “I’m here today because I saw a need. I will continue to fight for the people of Lane County.”

• Our Satire issue this year takes on the topic of corporate buyouts, and while a sense of humor helps keep us sane, we’re also being serious. We are watching the now GateHouse-run Register-Guard and hoping for the best — the journalists there need your support.

Why are shining geraniums so controversial? If you haven’t been following the invasive species debate in our It’s About Time and Gardening columns it’s time you got up to speed.

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