While ideally the courts are the arbiters of justice, we know that justice is not always served. And like many laws, many judges are imperfect. That’s why we must challenge and change them.

An unjust law that allows poisoning of people and environment must be challenged and changed. An elected judge who repeatedly sides with timber industry cronies must be challenged and removed.

In response to the Bill Gary’s op-ed (Register-Guard, 4/3) slamming Ann Kneeland, attorney for the Spray Ban advocates, it was Kneeland who held the moral high ground in court, as she challenged the status quo, by revealing how the law rewards big corporations over the people.

Did Kneeland attack the integrity of the system? Yes, she did, and we remain grateful to her for exposing the tired system that remains unbending when it is clearly way past time to bend.

This is an object lesson, Good People. Laws are not cast in stone. Our laws must be relevant and just.

If not for the courageous challengers of the past, we would still have slavery, Jim Crow, women without the vote and many more examples of unjust laws that are now in the dustbin of history.

Michelle Holman


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