Alleged White Supremacist Pleads to Fourth Degree Assault

Jacob Laskey was on federal probation from a 2002 hate crime conviction

Jacob Laskey

Jacob Albert Laskey, known for his ties to white supremacy, pled guilty to assault in the fourth degree and unlawful use of a weapon on Sept. 10.

According to court records, Circuit Court Judge Valeri Love sentenced Laskey to six months in the Lane County Jail, 30 months at the Department of Corrections and another 24 months of post-prison supervision.

Laskey was arrested on Jan. 19 of this year for a weapon-involved assault. Laskey had been working at his family’s Creswell business Wolfclan Armory, which moved to Cottage Grove, leading to several protests in that city of its alleged racist associations.

According to prior reporting by EWsources had alleged that Laskey, 38, stabbed a person, later revealed to be a Eugene man named Devin Reid Wolfe, during a party that night in January.

At that time, Laskey was on federal probation from a prior hate crime conviction in 2002 which had earned him 11 years in prison for throwing swastika-etched rocks through the windows of the Temple Beth Israel synagogue in Eugene.

Since his release from jail after that incident, Eugene Antifa and others have alleged that Laskey is tied to American Front, a white supremacist group, though he has denied these claims.

Laskey has claimed that he no longer associates with white supremacists since his stint in prison, but rather refers to himself as an “anti-antifa supremacist.” He was featured in an EW cover story on antifa in Lane County, published in October 2017, in which he talks about his clashes with antifa and anti-fascists in general.

A screenshot from Laskey’s video of burning Eugene Weekly copies.

After that story was published, Laskey claims he and others burned and trashed copies of the paper. He sent a video of the burning to EW through the Wolfclan YouTube channel, though it was later deleted.

After that, news of Laskey did not resurface until January’s stabbing incident.

According to Lane County court records, Laskey was set for trial in front of a 12-person jury on Sept. 11, but pled guilty to his charges on Sept. 10.

Laskey was convicted of the Class A misdemeanor of assault in the fourth degree and the Class C felony of unlawful use of a weapon. He was originally charged with another misdemeanor of criminal trespass, though that charge was dismissed.