Vote For Kate

I met Kate Brown when she and I served in the Legislature together. As governor, she’s been a leader on transportation, housing, health care and the environment. As a Lane County commissioner, I see the results of her leadership.

To pick just one area — transportation — it was Gov. Brown who led efforts to pass and implement a $5.3 billion transportation package that created more than 16,000 family-wage jobs and is fixing up our aging roads (including county roads), connecting people to jobs and schools and reducing traffic congestion.

As to candidate for governor Knute Buehler, he has an F rating with the Oregon League of Conservation Voters, and I wouldn’t trust him on the environment. He’s getting his money in large chunks from special interests that would put him in a position to continue to owe a lot to those very same special interests. 

This race is very close. Get out and knock doors and vote for Kate Brown.

Pete Sorenson

Lane County Commissioner

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