Endorsements: Governor

Kate Brown

Governor Kate BrownPhoto by Todd Cooper

Aaron Auer (C) v. Nick Chen (L) v. Kate Brown (D) v. Knute Buehler (R) v. Patrick Starnes (I)

This election matters. Your vote matters. Knute Buehler is trying to make himself look middle of the road to the Dems, but right to the Repubs. What he looks like to us is a candidate who doesn’t truly support a woman’s right to choose and who won’t step up on climate change — two huge issues facing us right now.

In an era where a reality TV star somehow got elected president, Kate Brown isn’t going to blow you away with razzle-dazzle and glittery showmanship. That’s not her, and that’s not what Oregon needs. What Brown is going to do is to keep forging ahead doing the right thing for Oregon and its people. That’s what we need.

Vote Brown.