EW’s 2018 Election Endorsements


House 2nd District 

Jamie McLeod-Skinner

House 4th District

Peter DeFazio

State Government


Kate Brown

State Legislature


7th District Christy Inskip

8th District Paul R. Holvey

9th District Caddy McKeown

11th District Marty Wilde

12th District John Lively

13th District Nancy Nathanson

14th District Julie Fahey


4th District Floyd Prozanski

6th District Lee L. Beyer

7th District James I. Manning Jr.

Statewide Measures

Measure 102 Amends Constitution: Allows local bonds for financing affordable housing with nongovernmental entities. Requires voter approval, annual audits. Yes.

Measure 103 Amends Constitution: Prohibits taxes/fees based on transactions for “groceries” (defined) enacted or amended after September 2017. No.

Measure 104 Amends Constitution: Expands (beyond taxes) application of requirement that three-fifths legislative majority approve bills raising revenue. No.

Measure 105 Repeals law limiting use of state/local law enforcement resources to enforce federal immigration laws. No.

Measure 106 Amends Constitution: Prohibits spending “public funds” (defined) directly/indirectly for “abortion” (defined); exceptions; reduces abortion access. No.

Lane County

Board of Commissioners

East Commissioner, Position 5  Heather Buch

Local Measures

20-290 Lane County: Amends Charter, adopts Score Then Automatic Runoff voting for elections. Yes.

20-292 River Road Park & Recreation District: Five-year renewal of local option tax to maintain general operations. Yes.

20-296 City of Springfield: Authorizes general obligation bond to fix Springfield streets. Yes.

20-297 Eugene School District 4J: Bonds to construct, improve school facilities, address safety, overcrowding. Yes.