Get With It, Pete

Within a week of the election, Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio is subverting Democratic Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other representatives. They are proposing to reduce fossil fuel use 100 percent by 2035 and getting to a 100 percent renewable energy system, an ambitious agenda but necessary to reduce carbon emissions and prevent global warming.

DeFazio said: “The idea that in five years or 10 years we’re not going to consume any more fossil fuels is technologically impossible.”

Considering the congressman received $74,420 in contributions from the fossil fuel industry, it is not difficult to understand his pessimistic comments.

The congressman needs to look no further than his home district for leadership in the worldwide campaign to rid ourselves of fossil fuels: Our Children’s Trust, UO Environmental Law professor Mary Wood, the city of Eugene Climate Recovery Ordinance and many more climate heroes.

Rep. DeFazio and the “old guard” need to understand the urgency of now when it comes to the world climate and the future of fossil fuels. Changes must be made to the political and financial system to promote renewables, reduce consumption habits, administer carbon sequestration and provide a safe environment for the future seven generations.

I do not regret my support for DeFazio, as he has done much for our region and our nation. However, he needs to support his colleagues in Congress aggressively pushing for clean energy and an immediate transition off fossil fuels. 

Jim Neu, Eugene

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