Lindsey Hayward

Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Lindsey Hayward grew up in a house at the top of a hill. She cruised down the hill on her bicycle with her feet off the pedals. “I remember the day, when I was eight years old, that I first rode up the hill to the top of our driveway,” she says. “I remember the feeling of freedom and confidence of being on a bike.” Hayward rode her bike to class at Creighton University in Omaha and got into long-distance cycling while earning a degree in psychology with a minor in business. She returned to Colorado Springs and worked for three years with Kids on Bikes, a local nonprofit focused on low-income fifth-graders. “They could earn a bike by setting a goal and reaching it,” she explains. “Each kid would set goals in academics, character or behavior.” In 2010, she moved to Eugene with her then fiancé, now husband, Darrin Hayward. She completed an MBA program in entrepreneurship at the University of Oregon in 2014, and found work with United Way of Lane County, making home visits for early childhood education. In May of 2017 she was hired as operations manager of JUMP Bikes, the company that supplies and maintains the blue bicycles offered for rental by PeaceHealth Rides. “We put bikes out in April 2018,” she says. “The morning we launched, I saw a gentleman riding on the bike path at 7 am. I was so excited!” With 300 bikes now available at 39 hubs in Eugene, PeaceHealth Rides will celebrate its first anniversary with a birthday table at the Eugene Marathon on the weekend of April 26-28 and a display of bike-themed art at Kesey Square during the first Friday ArtWalk in May.

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