Bubbly Summertime

EW takes a look at some Oregon summer brew

Don’t let that week of overcast and rain fool you. We’re gonna have a long, hot summer. If that’s the case, nothing goes better with searing hot days and a smoke-filled Willamette Valley than a cold drink. Because breweries put out so many cold drinks, it takes a lot of work to find something to invest your hard-earned money in.

Never fear, Eugene Weekly got its hands on some beer and cider from throughout the state — for those who want to venture beyond the hometown staples like Ninkasi, Oakshire, Falling Sky and more that we already know you like. Here’s what we think about some current limited-release drinks.

Pineapple Rosé from Portland Cider Co. 

Does pineapple belong on pizza? We don’t know and won’t get into that debate because it’s as contentious as debating Roe v. Wade on Thanksgiving. Does pineapple go in rosés? Possibly. This release from Portland Cider Co. gives off a scent of a rosé right away. It’s easy to drink — crisp and light. In fact, it tastes kind of like an alcoholic La Croix. The pineapple doesn’t overpower the drink — like the fruit does with Hawaiian Pizza — and doesn’t have the qualities of canned pineapple juice.

Easy Squeezy from Two Towns

Easy Squeezy isn’t all that easy on the taste buds. For sour heads, this will leave you puckered up, asking for more. Right away, you can get a whiff of the cider, which smells like a piece of candy. Taking a drink of the cider, though, gives off more of a taste of lemonade. The tartness of the cider definitely hits your tongue hard and runs away with it.

Two Thorns from Two Towns

Two Towns brings back its Two Thorns, a cider dedicated to the National Women’s Soccer League’s Portland Thorns. And, unlike Christiano Ronaldo, this cider doesn’t flop. When poured in a glass, this cider looks like a serving of cranberry juice. And first taste certainly tricks you into thinking you’re drinking hard juice — of course, because that’s what cider is — but tartness doesn’t overwhelm the drink. This is a well-balanced cider that’s perfect for the brown paper bag while watching Lane United.

Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout from Rogue 

Two words can sum up this beer: Whoo, boy. Now, there aren’t that many bottles of this Rogue out there, so EW feels incredibly grateful to have a few bottles to experience. This stout is a drink for people who love beer and whiskey — a tiny sliver of the alcohol world. The beer’s description says it features notes of chocolate and coffee that complement the whisky-soaked Oregon Oak. We’re not sure that’s what we tasted. The stout qualities come up on the front, but the whiskey flavor overpowers it. It’s boozy for beer lovers but too much stout for whiskey lovers. Put in another way, this beer has beer on the front and whiskey on the back — almost like the David Bowie mullet of beers.

The Brewed Abides from Pelican Brewery

This drink’s name gives it a huge hype. It’s a white Russian-inspired Milk Stout. Naming a drink after The Dude from The Big Lebowski is a bold move. But it’s doable. The Dude is an easygoing guy as long as you don’t make him spill his drink and, because of him, White Russians are popular drinks. However, what overpowers this drink is the coffee. Now, as journalists, coffee easily runs through our veins, but when promised a white Russian, I hope to taste more of the Kahlua than coffee. EW learned this drink is tapped out — sad because no matter how hard Mr. Lebowski tried to get that rug back, he never tapped out.

3 Capes IPA from Pelican Brewery

Named after the Three Capes Scenic Loop on the Oregon Coast, Pelican Brewery sent over a six-pack of its 3 Capes IPA. The brewery says it has the flavors of tropical fruits and strawberry. However, that’s not what EW tastes. The beer comes across as a crisp IPA; its fruit notes don’t emerge at all. Hops dominate the beer, leaving even the malt in the dust. That doesn’t mean this is a bad beer. It would serve well as an introductory drink to the world of IPAs, as well as an all-day beer drinking day. υ