Concerned Students

I am part of the Hebrew School program at Temple Beth Israel. The rest of my class and I are concerned about the school funding issue. Most of the kids are seventh-grade middle-schoolers in public schools that experience underfunding on a daily basis.

For example, I am a seventh-grader at Roosevelt Middle School and I am taking the art class elective. My art teacher expressed the possibility that she may lose her job next year due to underfunding. This really worried us, because art class is very appreciated by the vast majority of students.

Art class is a way to take a mental break during the day, which can really help concerning stress and level of focus. Art is also a way for students to express their feelings, which can really help with mental health and a student’s well being. 

No to mention, it is unfair to any teacher to have their subject cut. I know that in the current financial state, it is near necessary to have something cut, but it shouldn’t be that way. 

Another issue that I have noticed is teachers being underpaid. Teachers have a crucial job that is under appreciated. What teachers receive for this work is partly the gratitude from the students, but in terms of money, it is not even close to enough. 

What I ask is to spread awareness on the issue of underfunding in public schools. It is important and affecting kids and adults, and I am worried that people aren’t aware of this issue are not involved in the public school program. 

Sylvie Neve

Temple Beth Israel