Celebrate Peace

Eugene’s Nobel Peace Park promotes good in the world

By Andy Walcott and John Attig 

Hark! Now is the time to visit the Nobel Peace Park in Eugene. It is the first park in the United States to honor as a group the 24 American winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. These distinguished individuals have ended wars, prevented others, saved millions of lives and billions of dollars. Their ranks include four presidents, three women, many diplomats and three African Americans.

Visit the Nobel Peace Park to learn about their remarkable efforts in a serene and tranquil setting.

Notable Americans include Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Presidents Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, Woodrow Wilson (who founded the League of Nations, which was succeeded by the United Nations), Theodore Roosevelt (who moderated a peace treaty ending the Russo-Japanese War) and Vice President Al Gore (for his efforts to warn about the threats of human-caused climate change). 

Social worker Jody Williams authored and, via her home computer, promoted a treaty banning landmines, which 160 nations have signed. Through his literary works and speeches about the Holocaust, Elie Wiesel taught why we must remember it. After World War II Ralph Bunche negotiated an Israel-Palestine agreement despite the two sides’ refusal to meet face-to-face.

The Nobel Peace Park was founded by the Nobel Peace Laureate Project — including Oregon resident and Honorary Chairman Claes Nobel, great-grand nephew of Alfred Nobel — to promote peace for future generations by honoring and inspiring peacemakers.

The Eugene City Parks and Open Spaces designated a two-acre site in the north end of Alton Baker Park near the DeFazio Bridge for the park, which is easily accessed by walking, biking and automobile. Visitors will find informative plaques spaced along a pleasant walled walkway in a garden setting. ν

The Nobel Peace Laureate Project sponsors a Family Peace Day 9 am-2 pm Aug. 17 at the park in the summer and grants an “Inspirer of Peace Award” to deserving local community members.
The Nobel Peace Park is within Alton Baker Park (adjacent to the DeFazio Bridge at 100 Day Island Road in Eugene.) The existence and maintenance of the Peace Park depends on private donations. Learn more about The Nobel Peace Laureate Project and how to support its mission of peace at nobelpeacelaureates.org or email us at info@nobelpeacelaureates.org.