Affordable Housing

Lynn Porter has been an amazing advocate for the homeless and affordable housing across our community for quite some time. I have long applauded Porter’s efforts.

Therefore, Lynn’s letter to the editor (8/1) in response to Jacqueline McClure and Julie Hulme’s Guest Viewpoint (“Long Day’s Journey from Darkness to Light,” 7/25) left me with two thoughts. Either Lynn did not carefully read the entirety of the guest viewpoint, or perhaps got out of the wrong side of bed that day.

Affordable housing is affordable. Market-rate housing is expensive. The viewpoint clearly distinguishes support for affordable, and does not support expensive. It is a costly mistake to believe all housing is equally beneficial to our community.

Many neighborhoods do not support affordable housing proposals, but these neighborhoods do. Evergreen Housing Development Group of Washington has other opportunities in Lane County to build market-rate apartments that may be supported by the community. Evergreen should pursue those opportunities elsewhere.

It’s time for Evergreen and Homes For Good (formerly HACSA) to engage in an alternative dispute resolution process to void the current purchase and sale agreement.

We need a public process for this public land in the Willamette River Greenway that values our long-standing community goals for this precious site.

Rob Handy