• September sighting by a paddle-boarder in the Alton Baker canoe path: three river otters playing in the late afternoon Labor Day sun.

• National polling shows that a majority of Americans have lost confidence in government. We wonder how that applies in our bubble called Eugene. Nationally and locally candidates are coming from all directions to run for office in 2020. Congressman Peter DeFazio has a primary opponent. So does City Councilor Emily Semple. One candidate has already announced to succeed Lane County Commissioner Pete Sorenson, and we expect many more. Does that mean Eugeneans think they can reform government? Or that they really don’t believe it is broken?

Let’s talk even more local politics. The filing date for running for Eugene city office is Thursday, Sept. 12, but two citizens have thrown their names in the race. Ryan Moore announced his candidacy for Ward 8 councilor Sunday, Sept. 1, citing the need to urgently address the city’s housing crisis, climate change and restoring trust in city government. Currently serving as a Lane Community College Board of Director, Matt Keating announced his intent to run for the Ward 8 councilor position at the Eugene-Springfield Labor Day Picnic. Chris Pryor is the Ward 8 councilor, but he says he won’t seek re-election, explaining, “It’s good to step aside and let younger, fresher voices in.” 

EW’s Auburn fan in Alabama asks why the Oregon football coach doesn’t even know the rules of the game: what to do when his star quarterback goes out with what appears to be an injury and tries to come back in when the rules won’t let him. John Canzano, The Oregonian’s sports columnist, is generous to the Oregon coach in this opening loss, but warns that the Nevada game should not be taken for granted. We recommend soccer. Henry Houston has been covering the Oregon women’s soccer home matches for EW. So far, two solid wins. The next big home match is against the famous University of Portland team, 7 pm Friday, Sept. 13.