DeFazio On Our Side

I was on Congressman Peter DeFazio’s first campaign way back when (was it the mid-’80s? the late ’80s?). I believe now, as then, we have the best representative out there.

Now that the Democratic Party has control of the House, DeFazio’s leadership in the Transportation and Infrastructure subcommittee is vital. Incidentally, you don’t get to chairmanship of any committee unless you have seniority. That’s why it’s vital that we retain DeFazio.

Among other items, the Transportation Subcommittee is investigating ways to reduce our use of fossil fuels. In addition, DeFazio is investigating new transportation technology to address climate change like the Hyperloop and using renewable hydrogen in place of gasoline.

Reforming our transportation system is an incredibly difficult and multi-level task, and DeFazio is up to the job.

Nothing is more critical than saving our environment and slowing climate change, and DeFazio is on our side.

Michael E. Peterson