Leaves of Four, Feel the More

A local healer wants to help guide you through the forest of cannabis for medical use

Photo by Todd Cooper

Weed has become the magical leaf, and, for some, the medical benefits have become the new “apple a day keeps the doctor away.” 

Whether you’re experiencing medical conditions from anxiety to cancer, cannabis may have been the medicine you’ve considered. Exploring medicinal cannabis on your own can be tricky. It’s a complex plant with complicated pharmacology due to the wide range of cannabinoids, and the body’s metabolism and absorption rates.

And consuming cannabis gets even more complicated since you can partake in various ways: smoking, dabbing, edibles, applying topical creams and even using suppositories. Then, you run into foreign language-like terms like cannabinoids, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (cannabidiol), CBG (cannabigerol), and terpenes. 

Because cannabis can be a messy endeavor for medical uses, there are folks like Liz McNeill to be your guide through the dense forest of medical cannabis. 

McNeill, owner of and practitioner at Cannabis Synergistic Healing, earned a Ph.D. studying the history and culture of cannabis from Washington State University and has more than 20 years experience studying cannabis and its medicinal and spiritual properties. She removes the veil of confusion over medical marijuana.

Her relationship with cannabis has been a long one. “Ever since I was a child I have believed in cannabis — mainly because I have a family history of it. My mother, my grandmother and even my great grandmother looked into holistic treatments, including the exploration of cultivating cannabis for its healing properties,” she says.

It’s her mission to promote medical marijuana education and to assist in therapeutic healing plans using cannabis and other natural compounds. 

McNeill says, “ I have had my own medical issues — that Western medicine has no cure for, no answers — and the only relief I have ever achieved has been from cannabis.”

While McNeill does speaking engagements and has presented the benefits of medicinal cannabis at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart, she also provides one-on-one consultation in her office. During consultations, she develops an individualized plan that requires research, goals and even some trial and error. “The majority of the information readily available is recreational,” McNeill says.

No two appointments are alike with McNeill — each is tailor-made to every individual’s needs. She starts with an initial consultation, which covers your medical history, treatment goals and level of cannabis knowledge. 

She conducts research for each patient, ensuring she’s up to date on the latest options and studies — and that all therapeutic doors are opened. “My treatment plans don’t only involve cannabis, but also many more holistic approaches, such as diet and supplements. I want to open every door,” McNeill says.

McNeill provides a detailed plan of exactly what cannabis derivatives to use and their application in an easy to understand wellness plan with a specific treatment strategy for your condition. If you’re brand new to cannabis, she’ll hold your hand as you get acquainted with cannabis and will even help you find it. 

“The hardest thing about cannabis is knowing how to use it,” she says. 

Liz McNeill’s Cannabis Synergistic Healing office is located in downtown Eugene. More information about her, her services and appointments can be found at CSHealing.org.