StoneCutters UnionPhoto by Claire Flint

StoneCutters Union

Reuniting for the first time in a few years, the StoneCutters Union will perform a reading of their fiction writings in “Bad Stories from Worse Places,” at Tsunami Books. The StoneCutters Union was formed about 10 years ago, united by the desire to write gritty fiction that captured some of the hardships of life. The group is composed of a semi-revolving cast of five to six people currently, including Bronwynn Dean, Benjamin McPherson Ficklin, Patrick Newson, Andrew Valentine, Dante Zuñiga-West and EW staff writer Rick Levin. Levin describes the group as gritty and visceral — they drink a lot, play a lot, get in bad relationships and have bad jobs, channeling all the realness into writing that is confessional and memoir-ish. “Art should disturb as much as it should comfort,” he says. He adds that the audience seems to enjoy listening to the raw, gritty writing. “It is always a spectacle, always a lot of fun and always a little drunken,” Levin says. Listen to the down-to-earth literature of the StoneCutters Union at 7pm, Saturday, Sep. 28 at Tsunami Books. Admission is free, but there will be an opportunity to donate and purchase books published by group members. — Taylor Perse

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