A Candidate Differs

In your Nov. 27 issue, your journalist didn’t accurately report my experience and qualifications as a candidate for Eugene City Council Ward 2. While she did relay that I currently hold an elected office, she misreported the name of it. The correct information is: I serve as elected Chairwoman of the City of Eugene’s Southeast Neighbors Neighborhood Association, comprised of 13,500 members in south Eugene’s Ward 2.

Your reader should also know, just as your reporter does, that I’ve served on the city of Eugene Budget Committee. I chaired the city of Eugene Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee. I chaired the Lane County Human Services Commission Budget and Planning Committee. I chaired the Lane County Stabilization Task Force. I co-founded, then coordinated, a county-wide organization that was instrumental in passing a ballot measure in Creswell for a library district.

In addition, I co-managed Betty Taylor’s campaign in 2008. I helped pass the $27.5 million Parks and Open Space Bond Measure in 2006. While I was pregnant with my first child, I worked on the Jerry Brown and Measure 6 Campaigns.

Your reporter stated that I’ve “never gone into politics nor run a campaign.”  The truth is, I have the experience, qualifications and wisdom needed to be the successful candidate, and thereafter an exceptional Eugene city councilor for south Eugene’s Ward 2. I believe the voters will agree.

Kate Davidson


Editor’s Note: In a recorded interview with reporter Taylor Perse, Davidson said, “I have never gone into politics before or run a campaign.” During the interview, she did not bring up working on any other political campaigns. Perse reported Davidson’s job title with the Neighborhood Association as she described it. 

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