Restaurants Open on Christmas

Not having anywhere good to eat out on a Monday can be frustrating, and there’s going to be even more days when restaurants are closed for upcoming holidays. Here’s a list of some local eateries that will be open on Christmas. 

My dad’s family is Jewish, and eating Chinese food on Christmas is a ritual for New York Jews. It started in the early 20th century, when they were the two immigrant groups in NYC that didn’t give a damn about Christmas. So for the sake of tradition, a lot of the restaurants on this list are Chinese. 

Uniquely Chengdu Restaurant: open both Christmas Day and Eve. 

Kungfu Bistro: open Christmas Day.

Legend of Szechuan: open both Christmas Eve and Day.

221 BCE: open both Christmas Eve and Day.

Hong Kong Restaurant: open both Christmas Eve and Day.

Izakaya Meiji Company: open both Christmas Eve and Day.

Oregon Electric Station: open Christmas Eve — special three-course meals, with a choice of appetizer, soup or salad and entrée. 

King Estate Winery: open Christmas Eve

Ta Ra Rin: open Christmas Eve