Writing Hope

I write to thank Wil for his Life Inside column that appeared in Eugene Weekly (“Lives in Crisis,” 1/9). Your patience and compassion shines out. You are willing to suffer uncomfortable situations in the hope of helping others.

I thank you for your heart, for sharing it with your fellow inmates at their hour of need and for exercising your creativity to share this snippet of your story with us.

I consider your vignette an excellent example of an attitude we can all incorporate. Every day we are presented with opportunities to treat people with empathy.

You may be familiar with the concept of a totem animal. Mine is the inchworm. He may be small and seem insignificant, but his attitude of “a little bit at a time” has inspired me in my life.

Also, your writing style has elegant flow. It takes us right to the point of a couple of examples. You show us how you cannot be attached to any kind of outcome.

Please also pass along my thanks to Lauren Kessler for leading your writing group, and bringing it to the Weekly.

Eve King-Lehman