Abby Posner

Photo courtesy Abby Posner

From Evergreen, Colorado, she went to Los Angeles to work on her dream. She turned professional in 2006 with her banjo, mandolin and almost any other instrument she could get her hands on. She found success in L.A. with the formation of Abby and The Myth in 2015. Last year the Ken Burns’ Country Music documentary came out, and she joined other artists in a toe-tapping rendition of “Wagon Wheel” to help promote it. Now she’s becoming nationally known. It seems Abby Posner has worked her entire life to be an overnight sensation. She laughs. “It’s like stepping stones in this industry,” she tells Eugene Weekly. “You take a bunch of steps forward and a bunch of steps back. I’ve been fortunate. It’s in my blood, just to share my music with people and myself. It’s less about success and more about healing.” Posner will share her passion for Americana music that spans folk, country, bluegrass, blues and rock in Eugene on Saturday at a house concert. It’s part of a West Coast solo tour that runs through mid June. Musicians who plan to attend the concert are encouraged to bring their own instruments for a song circle after the show. Posner will be there for that, too. “I love to just jam with people and talk to people,” she says.  

The Two Blue Roses House Concert Series presents Abby Posner 6:30 pm Saturday, Feb. 15. RSVP at for address and directions. Suggested donation is $20 or more. All proceeds go to the artist.

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