Moodlight Theater

You can never have enough fringe theater, especially in Eugene, where spontaneity, grotesquerie and a flair for the absurd are major components of our offbeat cultural heritage. That said, the new performance company Moodlight Theater should fit right in. Founded by Dale Light and Rex Moody, Moodlight springs from both men’s experience with No Shame Eugene, the monthly gathering where folks perform no-holds-barred skits of a wildly experimental nature. Last month, Moody and Light launched Moodlight (get it?) with a performance at New Zone Art Gallery, and now they’ll debut a full production, FOOLPROOF!, this weekend at Upstart Crow. Among the attractions of the show, according to their press release, are “songs celebrating the non-existence of love, skits depicting two men forced to confront their desire for one another in order to escape their physical bonds, and a disturbing yet hilarious portrayal of the Second Coming.” What more could you want? As No Shame Eugene founder Jeff Geiger observed: “Anyone willing to spend their own money to breathe theatrical life in to the community has my admiration.”

Moodlight’s FOOLPROOF! plays 7:30 pm Friday through Sunday, Feb. 21-23, at Upstart Crow, 855 W. First Avenue; tickets are $15, available through