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Get your weed delivered to your door, or at least pick it up in a parking lot

Here in Eugene, we boast of having weed shops on almost every corner, which is convenient — until a global pandemic hits and forces everyone inside for the foreseeable future.

Many of these shops are still open as green beacons of light among other business closures, providing products while keeping counters sanitized and enforcing social distancing. But for those who cannot make it inside, delivery is an option. And for dispensaries that don’t deliver, Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) put in place temporary rules that allow shops to offer curbside pickup.

If you aren’t sure which shops deliver or how to order, visit the website Dutchie, which is like the GrubHub of pot shops. Dutchie is an online marketplace based in Bend, and backed by famous 420-loving rapper Snoop Dogg and, as of September, NBA player Kevin Durant.

The website uses your location to show you which shops near you have delivery and pickup, as well as the products they offer so you can order online. This makes it easier for local shops to get their information out and streamline their delivery process.

At Amazon Organics, manager Sam Sampson says they have been delivering frequently since 2018, which has unsurprisingly skyrocketed since coronavirus. 

“We are slammed all day with delivery,” Sampson says. Amazon Organics is still open in store, but the delivery element adds an extra layer of safety by eliminating contact. She says the delivery drivers wear face masks and gloves, sanitizing everything that the customer will come in contact with. 

Dutchie is their middleman for delivery, but the shop’s phones have been ringing off the hook as well.

“We have adjusted hours because we’ve started selling at 7 am,” Sampson says, although the store itself doesn’t open until 8 am.

Cannabis stores that have already been delivering are seeing an increase in business, but others can’t provide delivery because of strict OLCC guidelines — with a new exception.

To deliver weed legally, stores have to apply for a license through OLCC, which is a slow process, especially during a pandemic. Once approved, delivery drivers are required to keep track of the amount of time it takes to deliver the products. The cannabis must also be transported in locked boxes. 

In advocating for cannabis shops to be allowed to deliver during COVID-19, Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association (ORCA) petitioned and was able to push OLCC to pass a temporary rule change, allowing limited pickup by  someone who is outside of the store “and within 150 feet of the retailer’s licensed premises.”

Casey Houlihan, executive director of ORCA, wrote in an email to Eugene Weekly that they are encouraging businesses to take advantage of the new OLCC rule as the desire for deliveries has ramped up.

“These types of orders are becoming increasingly popular in recent weeks, and have been effective at reducing the amount of people interacting in retail stores and potentially transmitting the virus,” he wrote.

So for whatever reason you partake, be it boredom, habit, for fun or medicinally, sit back and keep your distance, knowing you can still get your favorite buds delivered straight to your doorstep.

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