Spirit of Radio

Our locally-programmed KRVM  91.9 FM radio station, funded by community members, local businesses and federal CPB grants and housed by Eugene School District 4J, provides music and information around the clock, all week long. As much as we love DJ Jivin’ Johnny Etheredge (EW, “Radio, Radio,” 4/16), keeping a radio station on the air and online requires many crucial people.

There are dedicated, full- and part-time radio staff on site who are working through this crisis to inspire and inform us across the airwaves. They select all the daily music for 8 am-5 pm, and for the evening hours after volunteer shows end. Staff schedule interviews and create business advertising, promote local nonprofits, and fulfill grant and bookkeeping requirements. They pay the bills, record school board meetings, coordinate volunteers, maintain equipment and perform numerous essential details. 

Other volunteer DJs are also stepping in to fill new roles. They go unnamed in your article, but without all of them, Etheredge would have no venue for his popular music programs. Please thank all the staff and donate to KRVM to maintain this unusual and magical resource. 

Mary Leoni