DeFazio Keeps Mailing It In

Staying home to vote is a luxury we have as Oregonians, but unfortunately Rep. Peter DeFazio has been mailing it in for far too long in Congress. What we really need now more than ever in Washington, D.C., are young, excited fighters like DeFazio’s challenger Doyle Canning.

We don’t need campaigns like Canning’s in the future. We need them right now. We needed them years ago. Now is the time to support someone who will take a stand for the working class. Continuing to support our savvy, seasoned congressman as though he is the Second Coming will only maintain the status quo, at best, which even before this global pandemic meant suffering and struggle for millions of Americans. 

We must hold our politicians accountable and demand that they actually fight for us to have livable futures. This is a do-or-die time in American politics. We do not have time for DeFazio’s empty re-election promises, especially when it comes to climate policy. DeFazio and Canning must debate so that the voters of District 4 can see firsthand who the real candidate to support is. 

Ruby Jernigan


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