Keating Asks Hard Questions

Eugene Weekly got it right (Endorsements, 4/23): Matt Keating will bring a breath of fresh air to Eugene’s City Council. He’s an articulate spokesman for the common good. With his background in theater and radio, he’s a naturally good speaker and he’s at home in a public forum.

Keating asks hard questions and, also, he’s always ready to listen. Unruffled by controversy, he has a knack for moving things forward. For example, he worked with student government at Lane Community College to establish a much-needed endowment for performing arts.

Colleagues can tell you that Keating’s unique outlook and his generous trove of ideas have inspired committees to consider bold action.

I’ve followed Keating’s progress for years as his director, friend and collaborator. I’ve watched him become an avid campaigner (Obama, Sanders and Warren, for example). Since 2011, Keating has been dispatched by the Democratic national party to designated places around the country to establish campaign offices.

Keating also organizes and fundraises to elect local candidates — most recently, state Rep. Marty Wilde.

With humans, Matt Keating is sympatico. He embraces differences, as shown in the diversity of his devoted support team. As the members work together, fervently furthering his ideals, their confidence, their unity, and their purpose are buoyed by Keating’s example.

Keating will be an effective member of the Eugene City Council.

Judith Roberts