The President We Need

I just read an article posted on Facebook stating Joe Biden is too far to the right; it urged progressive Democrats to not vote for him. There were several ads as I was reading it urging support for Donald Trump. I did a media bias fact check, but nothing was found — suspicious. I ask all citizens for justice, equality and a healthy planet to vote for Biden in November.

We can work with Biden and pressure him to do the right thing. The Republicans — and Russians — want to divide us up so Trump gets another four years of insanity, racism, eroding our democracy, environmental destruction, tax cuts for the wealthy, deaths from mishandling the pandemic and denying science.

I believe this is the most important election in the history of our country as time is running out and the climate crisis will be impossible to mitigate. The pandemic is a walk in the park compared to runaway global warming. Get out the vote, y’all.

Pam Driscoll