• We wish we weren’t exaggerating when we say “Vote as if your life depended on it,” but it’s 2020 and we have COVID-19 and Donald Trump in the White House. It’s not a bad movie; it’s real life, but we can change the channel if we get out and vote. 

File under COVID ruins everything: Oregon Health Authority is now suggesting we violate our unspoken Oregon rule against carrying umbrellas because rain reduces the effectiveness of masks. Well, Oregonians, take one for the team, or find a good rain hat or wear a coat with a hood because not everyone has the access to the medical resources Trump has had in his bout with the coronavirus. Also, those paper masks get slimy when they are wet. 

• Rep. Peter DeFazio and his opponent Alek Skarlatos will face off in what will probably be the City Club of Eugene’s most exciting virtual candidate forum noon Friday, Oct. 16, on the City Club Facebook page. Or it will be exciting if Skarlatos actually shows up, given he’s dodged talking to any outlet that’s not right wing. Other upcoming forums include: Oct. 23, Rep. Nancy Nathanson and David Smith will meet to compete for House District 13, and Rich Cunningham and Rep. Julie Fahey for House District 14. Big bravo to the City Club for putting these forums together in this difficult time.

• It’s curious that a show about the dead should be so full of life (then again, that’s why we all watched The Good Place). But life is why Maude Kerns Art Center’s  annual Day of the Dead exhibit is back for the 27th time. All those happy skeletons make quite a show. The altars, carefully constructed by family and friends, are especially fascinating. Marion Malcolm, Hannah Goldrich and Carol VanHouten spent countless hours building the altar to tell the story of social justice activist Steven Deutsch’s life. Up through Nov. 3, the exhibit is available to view in person (socially distanced) during regular gallery hours and online at

Yet another book about Nike is hot off the presses: Win at all Costs: Inside Nike Running and Its Culture of Deception by Matt Hart. The New York Times writes, “A new exhaustive chronicle includes echoes of scandals past” including mistreatment of women. The Times also points out that the value of Nike stock went up 10 percent last month. Scandals don’t seem to affect the bottom line or change what happens when Phil Knight wants to build something new — or tear something down — on the University of Oregon campus.

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