The Heroine's Journey by Michael Whitenack

If Not Now, When?

If Not Now, When? No, seriously, when? The Maude Kerns Art Center is hosting an art show where the theme begs the question to be answered. The name of the show, If Not Now, When? was chosen in part by local artist Tim Boyden, who brought together a group of artists that also includes Jud Turner, Ila Rose and Michael Whitenack (art pictured). Boyden felt he wanted to “get like-minded people together in these times, and get a sense of urgency about our world.” The exhibit’s message is about artistic collaboration and positive outlooks for the future. Through art, they wish to “Heal the divisions and bring people with different visions together, for a better future for all.” Sarah Ciampa, the exhibits coordinator at Maude Kerns, says, “I think the art is fantastic. I’m very inspired by it. It’s some of the best work by some of the best artists that Eugene has.”

If Not Now, When? at Maude Kerns, 1910 E. 15th Avenue, runs through Feb. 12. Gallery hours are 10 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday and noon to 4 pm Saturday. Due to COVID, Maude Kerns prefers you make an appointment online to view the art at; drop-ins are allowed only if there is space.

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