We’re sorry to see the Ashland Tidings (formerly the Daily Tidings) disappear and merge with a renamed Medford Mail-Tribune. The papers’ ownership, Rosebud Media, announced there will be one newspaper — The Mail Tribune with two editions, one for the Medford area and the other for Ashland and nearby communities. It will only print four days a week. Retired Eugene Weekly Editor Ted Taylor was an editor at the Tidings when it was a fine paper in Ashland before he eventually came to Eugene and EW for his illustrious 17-year run. He reminds us that the Tidings is one of the oldest daily newspapers in Oregon.

We are delighted to announce (and brag) that Black Girl from Eugene podcaster and columnist Ayisha Elliott won second place for her Eugene Weekly column in the Association of Alternative Newsmedia national contest. Former EW intern Donald Morrison took second for his longform news article about the sexual exploitation of a University of Oregon student, “Begin Modeling.” The AAN contest is highly competitive, and alternative newsweeklies have launched the careers of Ta-Nehisi Coates, David Carr, Susan Orlean and Matt Groening, to name only a few. 

• One more terrific topic comes from the City Club of Eugene: “Prescription: Nature. Can Time in the Great Outdoors Save Your Life?” The Zoom taping will be 1 pm July 27. Speakers are Jared Hanley, NatureQuant; Dr. Christopher Minso, University of Oregon Human Physiology; and Katie Lynch, UO Environmental Leadership Program. This program airs on the City Club Facebook and YouTube pages starting at noon on Friday, July 30.

Are rabbits coming out of somebody’s hat? Suddenly they are everywhere. We had a report from a hiker on Mount Pisgah that he saw a dozen. We also watched a pack of little boys chase one fast rabbit around the edges of a soccer match at Civic Park. Perhaps they’re just breeding like rabbits. You might be seeing a native Oregon brush rabbit, a black-tailed jackrabbit or a larger introduced Eastern cottontail. There have been recent reports of rabbit hemorrhagic disease in Oregon, which can kill them quickly. It does not affect humans but can sicken your pet rabbits. Let us know your sightings — and don’t let your own kids chase the bunnies and scare them. Leave wildlife alone, including cute little Peter Rabbit.

Were you at the Lane County Fair, heard the gunshots and fled in fear for your life? Did you see the social media and news reports and stress out about loved ones at the fair? Luckily, it was not an active shooter; instead, a weapon went off as security took down the teen holding the gun. But it’s a terrifying reminder — yet again — of the need for gun control. 

Just when we thought we were overcoming COVID-19, it sucked us back in. The stark reminders that we’re still in the midst of a pandemic are all around us, from the empty stands at the Olympics in Tokyo to the staggering high COVID-19 cases reported by Oregon Health Authority. So please wear your mask — and get vaccinated already. 

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