Run More Reader Letters!

Like thousands of others, I’ve been a loyal advocate for the What’s Happening / Eugene Weekly for decades. With the pandemic, everything about news weeklies has changed. I know that. But do we really need to limit the readers’ Letters section so drastically? Recently I’ve noticed that it has shrunk to just a few, sometimes only three!

It’s one of the most important sections of the Weekly. Our community voices are emphatically involved, mostly learned and always provocative. Are there not enough funds somewhere to increase this section? Bring it back to how it was pre-pandemic?

Lou Caton


Editor’s note: We’re right there with you, Lou. Unfortunately the entire paper has shrunk during the pandemic ad slump. When the entertainment economy rebounds, which we hope it does very soon, we’ll have much more room for letters — and everything else at EW. We thank all the readers who have contributed to keep us printing these last 18 months!