Best Budtender 

1. Kris Stapleton Going Green Eugene, 439 W. 1st Ave., 541-735-3521. Find on 

2. Katy Cote Higher Ground, 1158 High St. Ste. 103, 541-393-6892. 

3. Kellianne Firnsin Higher Ground, 324 E. 12th Ave. No. 2, 541-393-6892. Find on

We were gonna have a best budtender category… but then we got high. 

Yep, we messed up, somehow we forgot to include best budtender in the Best of voting this year. Luckily you loyal partakers of the devil’s lettuce did not forget and wrote in your fave purveyors of weed and weed accessories. So based on write in votes, these are the 2021 winners.