Wow! Thank you to the folks who have dropped by Eugene Weekly’s office at 1251 Lincoln Street with warm clothing, tents and sleeping bags for our homeless community members. We are collecting the items for White Bird Clinic’s Cold Weather Donation Drive. Feel free to drop by with more!

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For the fourth time in nearly nine years, the University of Oregon is searching for a new coaching messiah to guide its football program to glory and national championships. Mario Cristobal, after four years as head coach of the Ducks, made it official Dec. 6 that he favors the heat and passion of his native Miami rather than the cold rain of Eugene, and he is now the king football coach at the University of Miami. He does not come cheap. Between his new salary — rumored to be $8 million per season — as well as buyout money to the former Miami coach and to the UO, Miami boosters ponied up close to $30 million to make this work. What’s a few bucks for a coaching guru? How Oregon responds to the salary madness that is college coaching will be interesting to see. We wonder if the Ducks tap someone with Pacific Northwest roots, like Lane County native Justin Wilcox, currently the head coach at the University of California, Berkeley. 

State Sen. Floyd Prozanski and Lane County District Attorney Patty Perlow will discuss “Measure 11 Mandatory Sentences: Repeal, Revise or Retain” for the City Club of Eugene Friday, Dec. 10, at noon. The first questioner is David Brewer, retired Oregon Supreme Court justice. This program airs on the City Club Facebook and YouTube pages starting at noon. The City Club hopes to return to in-person meetings early in 2022.

Some of that “Old Time Religion” came to The Register-Guard over the Thanksgiving weekend in the form of two full-page pink and white advertisements that contained more than a dozen Bible verses and a declaration that we all should repent at the altar or go to hell. It also came with a link to with the same information and a call to “apologize.” The RG, of course, is a corporate-run newspaper under the Gannett publishing flag, and Gannett is free to run the advertisements it sees fit. In this case, the ads came from the multi-national content provider called ReachLocal, which is a division of Gannett. Still, The Tennessean in Nashville (another Gannett paper) got into trouble in 2020 when it ran a full-page Christian-themed ad that denounced Islam. The paper fired its advertising manager, and Gannett donated $14,000 (the value of the ad) to a Nashville-based Muslim nonprofit. Will Gannett do the same for us Eugene heathens?