Friends of Trees planting a tree

Tree Giveaway

Friends of Trees, Arbor Day Foundation and International Paper will distribute 350 trees near downtown Eugene

Sure it’s Christmas tree season but it’s also time to think ahead to warmer months where a shady tree in your yard — or even better a shady fruit tree in your yard — will be welcome respite from the sun.

Friends of Trees is hosting a “Yard Tree Giveaway” on 10 am to 1 pm Saturday, Dec. 18 at W. 12th Avenue and Lincoln Street. Tree options will include natives, large canopy shade trees and food-bearing trees, Friends of Trees says, and FOT staff will be on site helping with tree selection and tree planting and care instructions. Hint: Not only should you think before you dig, but you should also look up and not plant under power lines.

FOT executive director Eric Burke says in a press release that the group is “trying to provide as much support and educational materials as possible so the trees are planted in good locations and thrive.”

The 350 trees will be given away thanks to a partnership with International Paper and the Arbor Day Foundation, according to the FOT press release.

The release waxes eloquent on the benefits of trees saying, “Trees offer vast benefits for the community at large. Thriving urban forests bolster human health, from encouraging physical activity to reducing respiratory illnesses stemming from air pollution. In the United States, park trees alone remove about 75,000 tons ($500 million) of air pollution each year. And urban trees reduce runoff of sediment, pollutants, and organic matter into streams, improving our water quality. Trees have also been shown to reduce crime, lower stress levels and develop community pride.”

For more information go to the FOT volunteer calendar or contact FOTat 541-632-3683 or