A Corporate Tax For The People

The wealth gap in society continues to widen. Big corporations continue to grow, leaving the little guy behind. The middle class that once comprised the majority of Americans is ever shrinking. According to Pew Research Center, the downsizing of middle-income households has been steady since the 1970s.

The cost of living seems to be outpacing the chance at a living wage as well. So what can we, the people, do to get money back in our pockets? Sign the OPR initiative petition for the 2022 election. The Oregon People’s Rebate (OPR) is a state ballot initiative petition that would give every Oregonian, including children in households, $750 annually. That’s $3,000 yearly for a four-person household.

How does it work? Large corporations like Comcast generate millions in profit in Oregon and often pay less than 1 percent in taxes. The Oregon People’s Rebate would increase the minimum corporate tax after $25 million of Oregon revenue to 3 percent. It’s that simple.

How would it help Oregon? The UBI Center estimates that the Oregon People’s Rebate will reduce overall poverty in Oregon by about 15 percent and child poverty by about 26 percent.

To sign the petition and find out more, you can check out OPR2022.org.

Whitney Randall


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