‘They Simply Don’t Like Syrett’

The Claire Syrett recall campaign is laced with hypocrisy and contradiction; it supposedly revolves around a planned bus lane along part of River Road. Those involved in the recall campaign have their own private transportation. At hand public transportation is frowned upon; it infringes upon their elitist fantasies. Carbon emissions might be of concern to others, but not to them.

The recall literature purports concern about homelessness and crime. Homelessness cannot be solved locally, or even regionally; it’s a national issue. To expect any solution to homelessness, locally, is naive and not well researched. The recall campaign suggests hiring more cops as a way to stop crime. This is also naive and not well thought-out. Crime exists for many reasons; primarily, it exists because of the contradictions between the Haves and the Have-nots. This is also a national issue and cannot be solved locally. To even mention these issues in their recall literature indicates the hypocrisy of those involved in the recall campaign. “Hey! Claire! C’mon! Stop crime and solve the homelessness issue!” There’s no magic wand for these issues; to lay them at Syrett’s feet is absurd.

People such as those involved in the recall campaign hide their real agenda and manufacture other concerns that are unrelated. They simply don’t like Syrett. Their hypocrisy is odious.

Lee F. Redick