We hear rumblings that more recall elections will be coming to Eugene after the unfortunately successful recall from office of City Councilor Claire Syrett. This is a misuse of recall, an extraordinary process meant for egregious behavior, and voters should not fall for it. If you don’t like your council member, vote for an opposition candidate you do like. Don’t waste public money by misusing the recall.

• Speaking of the misuse of recall elections, folks sure got wound up when we pointed out that Trumpian lies were used to attack a progressive elected official. Truth hurts. 

Eugene Weekly is a little slim lately. It’s the late-summer doldrums and whatever the hell is going on with the economy. We hate it. We are looking forward to increasing our pages once again, but until then, go to and read about a tweet about Nancy Pelosi gone wrong and the recent closing of Sizzle Pie after its employees discussed forming a union. You can go to for ways to contribute or subscribe to the Weekly. And urge your favorite businesses to take out ads. 

 • Wildfire smoke and intense heat this week made life even harder for the folks living on the street. And the death of a woman living in a tent on the side of Highway 99, mowed over by an 18-year-old driver, makes the need for safe shelter for all even more obvious.

Dancing with the Stars alum and Republican nominee for the 4th congressional district Alek Skarlatos is looking bad right now after a past remark on a podcast resurfaced. In 2018, Skarlatos appeared on the Drinkin’ Bros podcast and joked about choking and killing women in the bedroom and lamented the lack of attractive women in his home town of Roseburg. We’re confused. Is Skarlatos running for Congress or hoping to star in a remake of American Psycho? 

• Is the Sriracha shortage still a thing? With wildfires, stabbings and other depressing issues in the news cycle, we at Eugene Weekly take comfort in the arms of our love for hot sauces. Climate change affected the sriracha pepper, meaning the beloved rooster sauce had disappeared. We’re not telling where we found Sriracha (to protect staff morale), but we’re happy to see it on shelves again. 

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