An Electrifying Future

Fellow farmers and rural property owners: Do you ever stand next to a field on your property and listen to the sounds of rural life? Do you hear the quiet of the natural world or is that drowned out by something else? The jarring noises made by the machines we use should make us wonder whether we have to put up with the ear-splitting racket.

We know the drawbacks of the equipment we use. Your action is needed. The next time the old diesel- or gasoline-powered tractor, mower, chain saw, chipper, ATV or weed whacker breaks down, consider replacing it with an all-electric model. Talk to the people at places like Horner’s in Cottage Grove, who will tell you how much customers like the reliable all-electric equipment they sell. Then buy it. The change will be astonishing and welcome. 

Now stand next to your field, and instead of the roar of an engine, you will hear a soft hum. You may also hear a robin’s song or the calls of a cooper’s hawk. Instead of gas or diesel fumes, you will smell mown grass or lilacs in bloom. So will your children and grandchildren. 

Tell your neighbors about your new electric equipment and soon, you may not hear their tractor or mower churning from a mile away. We, our neighbors, and people everywhere, both urban and rural, will benefit from our choices to lower carbon emissions and produce less noise. It’s the right thing to do. 

Sid Baum