Photo courtesy Nikki Glaser

Comedian Sellout

Nikki Glaser leaves behind a night to remember as she opens her Good Girl Tour at McDonald Theatre

Nothing was truly off-limits. Nikki Glaser threw zinger after zinger and spoke about controversial topics on McDonald Theatre’s stage the night of Saturday, March 25. 

One of Glaser’s long-time friends, Anya Marina, opened the show by performing songs she had written and a cover of “Whatever You Like” by T.I. In between songs, she recounted stories and made jokes. It seemed like she was setting the mood for the night. Marina ended her act with singing “Anti-Hero,” a Taylor Swift song, as Glaser came out and joined in. 

Glaser could not have hidden that she is a “Swiftie,” the adopted name by the singer-songwriter’s army of diehards. The joy showed on her face as she sang, “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem.”

Glaser owned the stage and kept the night personal to Eugene. She commented on how depressing the weather is and how natural the town’s people looked. She created a conversation with the topics she chose to bring up and how she incorporated them within her performance. Glaser spoke her opinion about marriage, children, politics, racism, suicide, natural disasters, abuse, body image and more. She even gave sex advice. “I have so many sex toys,” Glaser said. Sex toys will always be better than just you, but nothing can beat you and the sex toys.

Some bits raised eyebrows and widened eyes, like, “Did she just say that?” Though each topic has a heaviness to it, she kept it light-hearted. The audience laughed like no other. After each joke, the room filled with laughter — some people were even cackling. 

She didn’t shy away from talking about her struggles and own faults, the things that humanize her as a celebrity. Audience members seemed to relate to what she was saying in some way, shape or form. Her stage presence was extremely natural, as if comedy was what she was meant for.

The merch suitcase had gotten lost, but that didn’t stop fans from hanging around after the show in the McDonald Theatre. Glaser hosted a meet and greet in the foyer outside the theater, where she and Marina took the time to chat and take photos with those who were in line. 

Nikki Glaser’s personable, hilarious, jaw-dropping night of laughter, on Good Girl Tour moves on to East Coast venues and European capitals before looping back to Las Vegas this summer and fall.

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