Gunning for Sexism

David Loveall arms himself against the feminist agenda

Illustration by Chelsea Lovejoy

Recent allegations of sexism and misogyny on the part of the male members of the Lane County Board of Commissioners has several of the more conservative commissioners up in arms — literally. 

“Wokeism has put us all in danger,” Commissioner David Loveall said, while casually sporting an AR-15 style rifle across his back at a recent commission meeting. He said the vote earlier this year that prevented Vice Chair Laurie Trieger from becoming board chair, as is customary, was not sexist because, “I really like women; I am married to one.” 

After community members pushed back with allegations that the move on the part of the male commissioners was, in fact, sexist, Loveall said carrying a gun was a way to uphold the oath he took when he joined the U.S. Navy, to protect the country from domestic and foreign enemies and cosplay as a character from Top Gun in his free time. He did not clarify how public comment and letters to the editor constituted enemies, but he did specify that his gun was not an assault rifle but a “modern sporting rifle.”

Commissioners Trieger and Heather Buch requested Loveall not bring the rifle to any more meetings, but were shouted down by Commissioners Pat Farr, Ryan Ceniga and Loveall, who told them “not to worry their pretty little heads about it.”

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