You Spin Me Right Round

Area environmentalist lost on roundabout

Illustration by Chelsea Lovejoy

Following yearslong campaigning for the cities of Springfield and Eugene to add more roundabouts to major thoroughfares, a local environmentalist has now become a major detractor of the traffic improvements after he was unable to exit the roundabout he entered on Franklin Boulevard. 

After years of pointing to how roundabouts both calmed traffic and reduced emissions and fuel consumption, the eco-advocate — who refused to provide his name for fear of looking stupid — has begun making angry posts on social media and Lane County Mugshots Uncensored using a fake name ranting about the circular traffic flow. Apparently, while returning home in his Arcimoto FUV from a City Council meeting in which he attempted to dominate the public comment period, the driver entered a roundabout and was confused as to how to exit and drove in circles until the electric vehicle ran out of power.