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Oregon Country Fair announces 2023 Entertainment Lineup

Oregon Country Fair folks revealed their 2023 entertainment lineup today. Yep, they announced on 4/20.

Can’t read the tiny type on the announcement image? We have you covered. Below is the full lineup text.

2023 OCF Entertainment Lineup


LP Giobbi (Dead House set)

Shook Twins

The Eights featuring Nicki Bluhm and Holly Bowling

Sister Carol

Ashleigh Flynn and the Riveters

Sia Tolno and Afro Dead


Holly Bowling      

Anna Moss and the Nightshades

The Steele Family Band

La Familia Gutiérrez Son Jarocho (from Veracruz, Mexico)


Reb and the Good News

The AM (Acoustic Minds)

Jerry Joseph

Gypsy Moon

Adam East & Kris Deelane

Alcyon Massive

Brian QTN

Mothra (featuring a former EW intern, not that we’re bragging.)


Family Mystic


Jim Page

Olive Klug



The Chris Chandler and Paul Benoit Show

Steel Wool

Saloon Ensemble


The Great Bingo Revival

SageCrow The Flock

Joanne Rand

Sweet N’ Juicy 

Torin Frost and the Patterns of Saturn

KT & the Love Notes

Grace Rowland (of The Deer) 

Robin Jackson & the Caravan with Kathryn Claire

I-chéle and the Circle D’light

Johnny Franco and his Real Brother Dom



Ratie D and Friends

Johanna Beekman and Bhaki Love Kirtan



Trashcan Joe

Jet Black Pearl


Bon Bon Vivant


Fremont Players

In the Dance Pavilion

Jai Ho Dance Party

Dirty Faerie Drag Show


Bright Heart Circus

Johanna Beekman: Lullaby Yoga

Countercurrent Contra

Sanibonani: Hello How Are You?

Heather Christie and Vir McCoy

Salseros (salsa/bachata)

Coalescence Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance with Levi Banner


Artis the Spoonman

Bellini Family Circus with Mildred Hodittle


The Fighting Instruments of Karma

Girl Circus

Haute Trash Fashion Show


Leapin’ Louie Goes to War! with Michelle Alany and the Mystics

Rose City Circus

Mud Bay Jugglers with the Fauxhemians

New Old Time Chautauqua

The Royale Famille DuCaniveaux

Stage Left Show: Chaos in the Kitchen

Supernova the Strongwoman

Tom Noddy’s Bubble Magic

UMO Ensemble, Physical theater

On the Caravan Stage

The Bedouin Spice Orchestra & The Caravan Stage Dancers

Espacio Flamenco

Spoken Word

Aimee Ringle/Singing in Paradise

Camille Cole

Celestina Meow


David Turner

Devin Jones

Dr. Atomic’s Medicine Show

Drag Story Time


Fooble the Dragon

Gina Gratza Jay Hogan

Jaya Lakshmi Kirtan and Sacred Song


Kemy J

Kids Open Mic

Kym Trippsmith 

LGBTQ+ Storytelling Panel

Motivational Hip Hop with Kemy J

Nicolle Merrill

No Simple Road Podcast

Obo Martin


Paul Magid

Renée Roman Nose

Seth Milstein and Temple The Bard‘s Comedy at OCF

Shireen Amini

Spoken Word Poetry Showcase

The Courage Checklist Podcast

The Storytelling Smorgasbord featuring The Stonecutters Union  (whose members include now and former EW writers)

Tzula Propp

Mo and Z

Youth Wisdom Panel

In the WorkItshop:

Bette Plass “Adaptive Yoga”

Sound Bath with Thomas Schroyer

Nia with Emily Rome

South African Gumboot Dance and Buckets

Merry Mystics “Chakra Shenanigans”

Johanna “Free Your Souls Voice Playshop”

Heather Christie “Embody Song”

Joseph Chang “What is good dancing?”

Sound Bath with Thomas Schroyer

Shamanic Breathwork with Levi Banner

On the YouthStage

Fox and Bones

Ras Gabriel and Joe Ginet’

Blü Egyptian


Fortune’s Folly

Kai Heartlife

Ridgeline Ukulele Extravaganza

Uncle-B, Auntie-E, & J-Dog

Tai Shan

JenUwin the Unicorn

Garden Critter Academy Puppets

Inian Moon

Linda Yapp the Lemon Drop Fairy

Merry Mystics

Gonzo Repair & Reclamation Collective

Ambiance on the Path

Calliope Circus

Chicken Little


Coyote Rising Giant Puppets

Diva Galactika

Frick Frack Blackjack

Jonny Hahn

Kwaziwai Marimba

Last Gasp Sweep Band

The MySilly Yum Uprising!

Ooey Gooey Duo

Peachi the Dragon Parade

Playground Sports

The Radar Angels

Revelers Aerial Works

Risk of Change

The Truthbadors! 

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