PacifiCorp verdict, Black Student Success fundraising, the Solstice and more in Slant

It’s Summer Solstice week and we welcomed that splash of rain to kick off the season. The Oregon Coast is gorgeous right now, and we stopped at The Salmonberry in Wheeler, not far from Tillamook for dinner and a drink overlooking the ocean. The food was yummy and we loved the shoutout we got for wearing our Eugene Weekly hoodie. We’re pondering more EW merch to help pay for this newsprint you love so much — what would you want to wear or carry with an EW logo? T-shirt? Hoodie? Coffee mug? Let us know at

Eugene City Manager Sarah Medary speaks at Eugene City Club noon Friday, June 23, at the Maple Room in the Inn at the 5th. City Club says she will talk about the city budget and “about her efforts to acknowledge and support the interconnectivity of workforce and community well-being.” At least she’ll talk to City Club — our reporters can’t get her to answer our questions on why the city is ignoring state law on evicting homeless people from their camps. 

It probably will be a long time before any money changes hands after last week’s verdict against PacifiCorp for causing huge fires that caused millions, even billions, of dollars of damage to homes, property and lives throughout Oregon. Expect the power company to appeal, for sure. Settlement seems unlikely unless PacifiCorp, and its parent company Berkshire Hathaway, realizes that the Multnomah County jury was right and it decides to accept responsibility for what it did. Don’t hold your breath. Nothing should minimize the importance of this verdict and the finding of punitive damages, not only to PacifiCorp’s victims, but to the entire state of Oregon. It’s a big deal. 

What we’re reading: Working: Researching, Interviewing, Writing, a terrific little book by Robert Caro, the biographer of Lyndon Johnson and Robert Moses. Caro tells how he has done his research and writing of these biographies. The Sunday Times (London) says of Caro, “One of the great reporters of our time and probably the greatest biographer.”

• Once again, Eugene’s Juneteenth Celebration was worth a visit to Alton Baker Park. And on Monday, June 19, we at the Weekly relaxed (as much as journalists ever relax) on the federal holiday. It has taken far too long for the nation as a whole to embrace celebrating Juneteenth. What could be more important in this country than the end of slavery? It was long overdue.

• And since the time for celebrating and uplifting Black lives and voices is here, the Lane African American/ Black Student Success fundraising gala is Sunday, June 25. The gala seeks to raise scholarship funds for the higher education of black students in Lane County (up to post secondary school). “It is a Caribbean themed masquerade event with a live art show, stilt walkers, fine art auction, and Jamaican inspired fine dining tasting menu with drink pairing.” To buy tickets or to donate, go to