Welcome to Eugene. Don’t Drive.

Dear new members of our Eugene community:

We want to welcome you to our lovely city in the valley; our quality of life is no doubt why you moved here. Our clean air, green trees, clean water and wildlands have all been a priority to those of us who have been living here for most of our lives. Many members of our community past and present work hard to keep bicycle paths extensive and practical, parks clean and pesticide-free, transportation options open and available to all so we can continue to have clean air by decreasing the number of vehicles on the roads. Sharing resources is something we also know how to do. Tool and vehicle/ride sharing, for example, making changes for the climate and appreciating diversity and inclusion.

So as you settle into your new town, please keep these things in mind and help us preserve the quality of life that brought you here. Ride your bike, ride the bus, borrow a bike, share rides, walk and WALK! All the new highrise buildings going up around town are bringing in more people, and that translates to more cars driving around. Don’t increase our pollution. Please be considerate.

Robin Winfree-Andrew

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