Cut Chemist. Photo by Joseph Armario.

Mixing and remixing with Cut Chemist

The legendary DJ and producer is at The Big Dirty July 22

For its two-year anniversary party, The Big Dirty struck gold. Cut Chemist — DJ and producer extraordinaire from Los Angeles — highlights a show July 22 that will have you dancing the night away. The man himself, Lucas MacFadden, was part of underground hip-hop group Jurassic 5. He also was a founding member of the Grammy award-winning activist Latin-funk group Ozomatli. It’s been one hit after another for him as a solo producer and turntablist, fusing hip hop with soul and funk in mixtapes and remixes to produce a rhythmic beat you can’t help but move to. Cut Chemist also is known for his prolific CD mix works with DJ Shadow using only 45s, and they are the stuff of legend in remix circles. Those albums include Brain Freeze, Product Placement and The Hard Sell, the last of which made its debut at the Hollywood Bowl in 2007. Come see the legend himself at the turntable.   

Cut Chemist, DJ and producer, performs 9 pm Saturday, July 22, at The Big Dirty, 844 Olive Street, with special guest Spinitch and local support from K.I. Design, PRIM8S and DJ Smuve. Tickets are $20 to 25.

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