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Dispensary Roundup

Eugene’s wide variety of dispensaries for every type of stoner 

It’s hard to drive for more than a few blocks in Eugene without seeing a bright green cross — like a Mormon temple in Utah, dispensaries are abundant here. No longer are the days of relying on a random dealer to get you ganja, pot, weed or whatever that stuff you smoked in high school was. Dispensaries of today resemble a smelly candy store with gummy edibles of every color, THC rootbeer, pre-rolled joints and, of course, jars and jars of bud. 

The whole journey of finding “your” dispensary can be overwhelming. Whether you’re looking for a gummy to help you sleep at night or a joint to share with friends, let us be your weed guardian angel. As of May 2023, Lane County was home to more than 80 businesses with active marijuana retail licenses, according to the Oregon Liquor & Cannabis Commission. The following is a by-no-means-comprehensive look at where to get your local legal weed.

Peach Cannabis

With no real sign and minimal marketing, the dispensary on 15th and Oak looks more like a dentist office than a weed store. What Peach lacks in marketing it makes up for in amazing customer service and fair prices. The dispensary offers daily deals throughout the week, a student discount and a good chunk of the weed it sells comes from its very own farm: Sugarbud. 

Budtender Benji Gould says that good customer service is where he sees Peach thrive. “We’re on a first name basis with a lot of the people that come in here,” Gould says. Bottomline is Peach doesn’t need a silly gimmick to get a loyal customer base. 

1553 Oak Street 541-636-3323 

Chalice Farms Weed Dispensary The Sorority House

TJ’s Provisions

TJ’s serves the Bethel community with an additional location on Willamette Street, and is the type of dispensary that leans into the medicinal and spiritual aspect of weed. Budtender Steven Wildermuth’s passion for using weed to help others is evident in his rainbow marijuana tank top. The store is filled with colorful local artwork, quirky necklaces and a friendly staff that knows its way around the grass. “We’re not trying to get people high, we’re trying to get people healthy,” Wildermuth says.

1910 Empire Park Drive 541-654-0595 

Hwy 99 Cannabis Co.

Hwy 99 Cannabis Co.

The truck stop of dispensaries, Hwy 99 is your one stop shop for cheap weed. The dispensary boasts cheap deals on wax, shatter and bud, making it a great place for a daily stoner to save a couple bucks without sacrificing quality too much. Owner Corey Miles says the price point is their edge against most dispensaries around town.

1083 State Hwy 99 541-688-1233


Chalice Farms
Weed Dispensary
The Sorority House

A dispensary with high ceilings, stained glass windows and a lovely foyer sounds like a dream I once had. The Sorority House is quite possibly one of the classiest places you can buy weed around town. Budtender Summer Gallaher says that the cozy setting helps people feel more comfortable. “We’re not a doctors office, you know? We’re a house and people really like that.” The prices are a little steep, but the experience and quality is worth it. 

588 E. 11th Avenue 541-600-8185 

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